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About Us

Session work

We can write, record and produce bespoke instrumentation for your tracks

CfO Productions has extensive musical experience on a range of instruments and offer session work to give your music a uniquely creative, professional touch. We can record our music for you from our various studios in the UK, or else visit you during your studio time anywhere in the world for session work.

We offer a range of options designed to offer the best end product depending on budget. Typically these may be broadly grouped into three options:

1. Recording your ideas

Have a scratch idea or demo version of music that you want to be recorded professionally?

  • Transform your ideas into professional quality music
  • High quality, multi-track recordings made remotely by CfO in our UK studios
  • Consultation with you throughout to fine-tune ideas and tones
  • Processed or unprocessed tracks will be provided (processing will require an additional charge)

2. Writing ideas for your songs

Have you the basis of an excellent track but lack confidence/experience in writing music on other instruments? We can help you enhance your songs by developing complimentary parts with you.

  • Writing complimentary parts across multiple instruments in many genres
  • Consultation throughout to refine the written parts. You are in control.
  • Provided as either raw (unprocessed) multi-tracks to mix yourself or as fully mixed audio
  • Transcripts/MIDI files can be provided if necessary

3. Visiting you to record in your studio

(i.e. typical session work)

  • Consultation on writing/developing parts before visiting
  • Instruments can be provided, or else we will use the equipment provided
  • Although based in the UK, we are able to travel worldwide depending on project needs

We currently offer session work on:

(acoustic & electric)

(acoustic & electronic)


Keyboards/ Synths


Will Kelly

Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Samples & Backing Vocals

Will started his musical endeavors aged 8 when he learned to play the cello. Following this his interests turned to rhythm and thus he learned to play the drums aged 10. A couple of years later, after twiddling around with an old acoustic which had been lying round his Grandad’s house for years, he took up playing the guitar (including the bass). The final piece of the puzzle arrived during his time at University when he developed an interest in electronic music and started to incorporate synthesizers and samples into his compositions. Now, his ultimate aim is to harness everything his musical repertoire to create and craft epic, unique and thought-provoking music.

Influences: Mansun, Meshuggah, DJ Gammer, Above and Beyond, Enter Shikari, The Beatles.

David Gardiner

Drums, Percussion & Guitar

David began playing the drums aged 9, and before-long was playing concerts with the school orchestra. However, having been raised on his Dad’s Beatles and Queen collection, it wasn’t long before he branched out into playing with various rock bands throughout his teenage years.

University gave new influence and perspectives on music, including a passion for progressive music. He also developed a keen enthusiasm for music production, gradually acquiring sufficient equipment and knowledge to begin recording CfO’s original music from his home studio in Southampton.

Influences: Queen, Muse, Foo Fighters, Karnivool, Mastodon, Periphery, Porcupine Tree & TesseractT.

Contributing artists


Vocals - Studio and Live

As far back as I can remember, music has always been this infinite part within me. My dad would always have Beatles, Bee Gees or beach boys blasting out & my sister would listen to Duran Duran, Inxs, strawberry switchblade & other cool 80’s bands or one hit wonders!

My first solo singing performance was at primary school when I was part of the nativity play & I played a disciple, it was scary but at the same time exciting.

I lived in Jersey for 14 years & became lead singer for the band ‘Musicroom’, mostly covers but we did write a few originals & recorded an EP. I then sung as an acoustic duo with a guitarist Performing at weddings, corporate events, hotels, local venues & charity events In 2012 I wrote & recorded my first dance track in collaboration with a music producer & I have since collaborated with other producers in writing & recording my vocals. In 2014 I tried my hand at amateur drama & landed a principle role playing sister Mary Roberts, for the show Sister Act which was performed at The Jersey Opera House.I am always looking out for the next musical venture, whether that be writing, recording or an opportunity to perform live. Teaming up with CfO has awakened my creative flow & I am excited to see what the near future brings with these talented guys.


27 Queens Road, Parkstone,
Poole, Dorset, Bh14 9HF

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