About Us

CfO Productions Ltd. is a UK-based outfit creating, recording and producing music across all genres for use in TV, film, games and other media. Existing music can be enjoyed as stand-alone singles or purchased & licensed for use in your own projects to create a uniquely personal and professional touch, all without any royalties.

We also offer bespoke writing and recording services for the creation of professional soundtracks across a range of genres.

About CfO Productions

Who are we and what do we do?

CfO Productions consists of a suite of recording and production studios based in Bournemouth & Southampton on the UK’s beautiful South Coast.

Our philosophy is to create diverse, inspiring and soulful music which is recorded and produced to a professional standard. We use a variety of acoustic, electronic and bespoke instruments to create innovative and imaginative music across a breadth of musical styles. Simply put, if we enjoy a song we’ve written then we will produce it, regardless of the confines of genres.

Comprised of a duo of multi-instrumentalists, Will Kelly & David Gardiner, CfO Productions is passionate about sharing its collective musical talent and experience to create diverse musical pieces which can be utilised in a multitude of applications – from background music for promotional videos right the way through to complete musical scores for cinema.


Have a listen to a selection of our music. Once purchased, you will receive a high quality WAV and mp3 straight to your inbox to use immediately – no fuss, no royalties and no credit needed.

For more information on prices and licensing options

Perfect background music for when you don’t want the music to be the star of the show. The tracks are a mixture of classical, electro and soft rock.

Setting the perfect background atmosphere for your project, these tracks are designed to be emotive without being distracting

Set the mood of your piece; from melancholy to euphoric, from peaceful to uplifting. These stripped back classical pieces will suit any project.

Want to kick your project up a notch? This selection of upbeat tracks will increase the energy of your piece without dominating the main attraction.

Some tracks just don’t fit into genres – here’s a few tracks which might suit your project perfectly!

Susan Kimber, Singer

CfO were fantastic! I couldn’t be happier with the finished backing track to my stage show

Ben Moore, Professional Mountain Biker

CFO Productions has been producing music to me for around 3 years. Their soundtracks are used in my online videos which often entail adrenaline & high action styled films. The depth these guys go to when producing their tracks is phenomenal

Fleur Lindsay – Singer/Songwriter

I found CfO Productions to be really easy to work with during the mixing of my last couple of tracks. They are really open to artist feedback and suggestions and will make any amendments necessary so that the artist is happy with the final mix. I will definitely use them again, and again.

Pricing and licensing

All music by CfO Productions can be purchased as standalone tracks to enjoy or licensed for commercial use. Our approach to licensing is to keep things as simple as possible so you can focus on the most important thing: YOUR project. Simply choose a track you like, then choose the licensing option on checkout. All our music is royalty free.

Each purchase will receive a digital download including high quality WAV & mp3 audio files and license agreement.

Personal use

Download any of our music to enjoy on your own device for just 99p.

Nice and easy.

If you want to use our music on a public release, then you’ll need a commercial license (see below).

Commercial use

We offer three types of commercial license:

Basic License
Premium License
Premium+ License

Use the comparison table below to see which license you need.






Premium +

Listening Enjoyment

Online Videos (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)

Background Music (Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Shops etc.)

Web Advertising

TV/Radio Broadcasting

Cinema Advertising

Video Game / Application

Public Show (Gigs, Concerts etc.)

Local TV / Radio Advertising

National/International TV/Radio Advertising


Podcasts/Audio Books






We currently offer session work on:

(acoustic & electric)

(acoustic & electronic)


Keyboards/ Synths


27 Queens Road, Parkstone,
Poole, Dorset, Bh14 9HF

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